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Autowit Fresh Composite Filter, True HEPA

  • 【Multilayer Filter】Effectively removes PM2.5, pollen, smoke, dust, floccus, formaldehyde, unpleasant odors and more.
  • 【Three-layer Fold Design】A fold design allows a larger purification area in a certain posture working space.
  • 【Long-lasting Lifetime】Efficiently purify air for 4-6 months.
  • 【Effective Purification】Provides fresh air through 3 purifying processes.
  • 【Exclusive】Only designed for Autowit Fresh Air Purifier.


Autowit Fresh Composite Filter

Coconut shell and fold composite designed is applied, which allows the opening area of the filter element 10 times larger than the ordinary air purifier filter. As for a large air contact area, it can effectively absorb harmful matters.
With Nano Silver Filter, it captures most of floccus, hair, dust, and scrap. With a HEPA Fold Filter, it removes 99% of PM2.5, pollen, and allergens as small as microns, while a High-Quality Charcoal Filter reduces unpleasant odors caused by pets and cigarette or toxic gases. 

The lifetime of Filter
Due to the different air condition, the lifetime of the filter element is different, and it is recommended to change the filter element every 2 to 3 months. 

How to Change the Filter
Rotate the air purifier counterclockwise to open the host, remove the used filter element, and replace the new one. 


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